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Innovation in road construction

Low-temperature asphalt mixtures. Low-noise pavements. The use of recycled aggregates. Digital process management. Tomorrow's road starts here. Through cutting-edge research and experiments, we are making our roads more sustainable, smarter, and greener.


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Experimenting for a better road network

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How can the life of the road surface be extended? Which materials can be recycled and reused? And how can acoustic comfort be improved?

Our research team is at the forefront of technical innovations in road construction. Using laboratory tests and test sections, we are looking for new ways to improve our road network. We will then share this new knowledge with road actors in Belgium and abroad through our publications and the organization of or participation in national and international committees, workshops, congresses, etc.

For more information on our innovative research for sustainable roads, check out our website in French and Dutch, or contact us.

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Key Projects

BRRC is closely monitoring new developments. Discover some of our most prominent research projects.


PradoWeb (Program for Road Asphalt Design and Optimization – Web) is the new BRRC software for quick and efficient theoretical mix design, adapted to the present trend of practice in the asphalt sector.


Several BRRC Publications are also available in English.